Well, you've found your way into the Garden of Sound. Like all gardens it needs to be planted & nurtured for it to burst forth in all its glory. It also needs some sunshine. So, to mark the opening of the garden to the public, ladies & gentlemen we give you:

If you enjoyed the 'Flower Power' of JP Sunshine then let's step back about three years to 1965.
Rod is still only about 19 when Mickie Most gave The Pack the opportunity to

Next up you can see the flowers blooming far below. Take to get you there on time. 
From the Millenium back thirty years. The garden is in full bloom down in Puddletown, Dorset. It's being tended by Rustic Hinge & The Provincial Swimmers. And they're growing


The Magic Bevis Muscle Frond tell us 'They ain't no'


Rod's outing at Terrastock 5, 2002


What a long hot summer 2003 has been. Least it has been in the UK!!
So as autumn draws in its time for a slice of

36 years on from Puddletown & Rod's still playing in fields.
Hilly Fields in Cornwall


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