Ptolemaic Terrascope. (Web Master: Jon Bernhardt of boss Theramin band The Lothars) Of course, PT's Editor is my good chum (and neighbour) PHIL McMULLEN, who is also responsible for the mighty TERRASTOCK fest's."
These Italian chums at Black Widow are responsible for some of the best packaging in the record industry. Look out for 'the voice & lyrics of Rustic Rod Goodway' on Simon House's infamous "HOUSE OF DREAMS" album ....on this label.... now available from the mail order catalogue.

'There are currently 3 magazines which I can constantly turn to, here and now, and say "YESSS, this is the kind of music and style of writing that I can truly believe in !!" And they are Ptolemaic Terrascope (of course) from the U.K; Dream magazine from the USA; and the beautiful BROKEN FACE, from Sweden.'
The Broken Face WebSite is here

The Green Pajamas. (".....also always on sale in the Rustic Catalogue")


Old pal  Dave Gregory has to be on this list. I played in Alehouse with Dave  before he went on to play with XTC.


Bliss/Aquamarine is a webzine site hosted by Kim Harten  based in Redditch (near Birmingham, UK).


Hawkwind are always around.


There's that Radio Station in California that did the show on Ethereal Counterbalance - KFJC .....a nice web-radio ??
Dream Magazine (the printed paper version) exists mainly because of music, much of it psychedelic (old and new), experimental, pop, jazz, folk, or somewhere happily beyond classification. There's also some art, lots of images and writing as well. Dreams, nightmares, visions and revisions.
Mark Burgess is an old pal who used to work for 'Reckless Records' back in the early days of the instrumental Rustic Hinge LP, early Bevis Frond albums, & The First Black Sun Ensemble releases. He's now out on his own with Flashback & deals in some great collector's stuff.
Ahh! the gentle rain of Stormclouds. click on the photo-image. One taken by a certain Mr.Goodway, I believe. As are several of the photo's therein. But if it wasn't for Steve Lines there's a lot of things I may not EVER have got together. Forever a working (like mad) artiste, is our Steve.
This is one band you should go to see live if you get the chance. Tony's back with a vengeance with this powerhouse trio known simply as Fiction.
The  multi-talented  Folk / Blues  singer-songwriter Keith Christmas resides here.