J.P. Sunshine
J P Sunshine is mine and thine,
J P Sunshine on me and thee….
From light are we spun

Down there, on earth, sunshine gave birth….
To youth
I am true, And you… Are….

Colours of day, you say,
But they…. do not know,
they are so grey   

J P Sunshine is mine and thine
J P Sunshine on me and thee
From light are we spun….

Hey Girl
Hey girl, what’s that look in your eye
Looking high, so am I .
Look at me with that look your eye,
In your eye.

Hey girl, the sun is high
In the sky, so am I.
Look at me with the sun in the sky,
In the sky.

Hey girl we’re getting high
Try to fly, so will I .
Look at me flying high when I try,
In the sky.

Love Scene
Love Scene could have been for real
But now, that’s not how you feel
We part, on my heart a weal
Love flies, my heart tries to heal

I die & you sigh “Big deal”
Too late, as my fate you seal
I die and you sigh “Big deal”
Love flies from your eyes I steal

This Side Up
Post my thoughts off anyplace, Thoughts from two made one,
Tied secure with rainbow lace, Woven finely from the sun.
And lifelines on them gently trace, Following where the colours run
To watch them in the eddies race, Reflection’s just begun
With “Fragile” written on my face, Send me to the sun.

Cut across to this side, Seal your eyelids with the dew
But your mind must open wide, Keep the dream scene flowing thru
Stay cool now ebb with the tide, All that in there belongs is you
I only need to come inside, That we may fuse make one from 2
So let me in, just for the ride..…..And eat me.

See that colour-wheel dragonfly, Stacking dream-clouds seven high
I’ll follow close until I die, Threading sunlines in the sky
And when I fade don’t fret don’t cry, Just leave me dreaming where I lie
In my hand a blue-grey sigh, To a cloud my dream-wings tie
And bury me in the sky……….“This side UP”

Slim limbs curling free as a creeper
coyly hiding your face
To entice and envelope the sleeper
in your deadly erotic embrace

Octopus… Eight limbed beauty
Octopus…crustaceous cutie
Octopus Octopus
Mystical monster marine

Peak lips delicious & tempting
New death in your ecstatic kiss
Take me now no holds exempting
With kiss of agonised bliss

Octopus…. (Chorus)….

Unending pleasure is boring
Give me now the potion of pain
Resume your octopoid poring
And bite me and bite me again

Mystical Monster Marine.

Watch Out
Watch out we’re drifting apart. Reach out for the strings of my heart
Don’t let me slip away, Now I’m here I’d like to stay
The colour wind’s blowing, your face is flowing away
Now there’s nothing there…… but your hair.

Caught hold of your face for a while; Dazzled by your sunshine smile
Turned on my rainy eyes, Made between us rainbow skies
The contours are shifting, My mind is drifting away.
Now there’s nothing there…… but your hair

Come down the rainbow to me, Save me from this sleepy sea.
I am slipping under, Come to me colour wonder.
So slowly I’m sinking, Consciousness slinking away
Now there’s nothing there….. Not (even) your hair

You remove your colour rope, Shattering my only hope
You drift up the rainbow, Then I feel the pain go
Your face is glowing, The rainbow is growing away
Now everything’s there…… you don’t care.

Eyes Are Raining
My eyes are raining, tears run down my face;
The scene’s familiar, the feeling I can’t place.
My mind dissolves, I’m falling apart;
I feel nothing but this pain in my heart.
You were my reason for staying alive;
Now I don’t want to go on.

You say you want me, How can that be true?
When you tell me that you want others too.
I just wanted to give you my heart;
You took it gladly and tore it apart.
You were reason for staying alive;
Now I don’t want to go on.

My heart is breaking, see the cracks on my face;
Run fingers in them, That’s misery you trace.
I just don’t know how to fight despair;
I reach out for you but there’s nothing there.
My only feeling now that you’re gone,
Is I don’t want to go on……
Is I don’t want to go on.

Dark Star
I saw a dark star passing; Curving blindly thru my mind’s sky
Telling of Death and those who would die
I saw a dark star passing; A warning come too late to save
Man from rotting in an open grave
I saw a dark star passing.
I saw a dark star falling; Lurching wildly into man’s mind
To guide his life with hopes that are blind
I saw a dark star falling; In its wake a new creed for man
Do what you will, and take what you can
I saw a dark star falling
I saw a dark star rising; For mankind a decaying bride
But death is nothing to those who have died
I saw a dark star rising; The sun is gone, there’s no turning back
And I am watching the earth to see the first crack
I saw a dark star rising.

Now here is two, we who were one; The moon was you, and I the sun.
The moon reflected the sun’s bright light;
That’s why it could only be seen at night
But now its changed the world’s uptight
I think the sun is lit by the moon
Make your mind up,make it soon Make your mind up
Coz this sun is lit by your moon.

Well from my birth, to my death soon; I was the earth, and you the moon
The moon around the earth always spun
We who are two now, used to be one
The world it seems its course has run
Coz the earth is going round the moon.
Make your mind up, make it soon. Make your mind up….

This earth is going round your moon

Now I am he, and he is you. So we are three that once were two
So all that once was is now destroyed, and pleasures lost are pleasures cloyed The fire of fate you can’t avoid
Coz this sun’s a ball of fire for you
Make your mind up, make it true
Make your mind up….mmmm
This sun’s a ball of fire for you. Fire for you. Fire for you. Fire for YOU.

Rising Free
I’m stoned rising free; Come on now, catch up with me;
Say babe can’t you see, I just don’t want to be
Trapped inside of this pink shell, I suppose it’s what you’d call hell…
See it fly, bright sound beam…Wake you from your ground dream
Unzip your pink shell seam.
We’re getting nearer to the sun, Melting flesh begins to run
There’s no such thing as old, bright lights no longer shun
You’re glowing green & gold, I can see your mind web spun.
All is one in the sun, Into that burning fire
We can only get higher, Brain cells begin to fry
All that’s left is my mind’s eye, That legendary eye in the sky.
Sky high, don’t even move, I’m back how I begun
Ohmmm, it’s such a groove, coz now I AM THE SUN.

Hand In Hand
Hand in hand we walked thru the fields of grass and soft spring music;
We lingered then, turned our backs on time;
We dreamed a dream, it was our life, A sun dream beam cut like a knife,
 as it would seem revealed a door.

Old then were we and drawn and poor. No longer free, too weak to score;
And it was then, the sun grew weak and only when you touched my cheek
we lived again, in time it seemed more like a year than half a day.
We turned in fear, the grass was hay.

The grass was hay.