Oh baby, you know what you do to me
When you’re on your distant star.
When I’m wondering where you are.
Rainbow ribbons, in her hair….
In her hair.

The Dealer’s calling this evening,
For the ninth time this week;
And her smile is the reason
Why she don’t need to speak.
She’s the Dealer; Midnight healer.

Got up early in the morning, found a wheelbarrow in my bed;
Got a surly kind’a warning, when the Tarot cards were read.
Tryin’… been tryin’….for so long.

So you got to believe her,
When she says “Ta-ra”, & turns to go,
You look for another
Reason for it to snow.
So you see her, she’s the dealer.

Took a while to get the meaning, of the barrow with the wheels;
While the cocaine train was steaming, she was dealing dirty deals.

Make what you do, what you mean; Say what you mean, do what you do;
I see you there, and always eager to serve me;
Say what you do. Say what you mean.
Oh where you go, I will be looking…..
I’ll be wanting…. you to call.

Know where I’m going to, I’m gonna look for you;
I’m gonna try, you wonder why ?
You wonder why ? Well I’m a’gonna tell ya,
I wanna fly, and I aint gonna let ya,
Stop me no-how, taking off now;

She’s the ‘squealer’, go out and ‘feel’ her,
Took a while to get the meaning, from the barrow with the wheels,
But… I seen her stealing….. dealing dirty deals.

Well I’m trying to tell the world I been mistreated
Schoolgirl love is treating me unkind,
So I rolled me up a little piece of heaven,
When she got home from school she blew my mind.

Hear your footsteps on the stairs,
You got no troubles, You got no cares,
Oh, baby …. I love ya.

Well I’m trying to tell the world I got this feeling,
Since I heard you’re trying to cause me pain,
So I rolled me up another piece of heaven,
When she got home from school she blew my brain.

Hear your footsteps on the stairs,
You got no troubles, baby, you got no cares,
Oh, baby…. I love ya.

Well I’m trying to tell the world we’ve all been mistreated,
Coz shoolgirl love is treating us unkind;
So we roll up all our little pieces of heaven,
And when she gets home from school she’ll blow our minds.

You got your ticket baby, now you’re leaving pretty soon,
I need your schoolgirl lovin’ but… you’re disappearing with the moon;
Hear your footsteps on the stair, I still got the feeling you don’t care,
Oh baby, I love ya.

Schoolgirl love, you got me going
Oh baby…. I love ya.

If you got enough for just one more spliff then
You can roll it, my baby.

Baby…. roll it, roll it, roll it.

If you were filled with laughter, then life could be easy;
But I’m telling you, it aint easy.
When you’ve travelled far, Look to where you ARE;
Nowhere… … a speck of dust,
Come on you just gotta trust…
Fellowship is where you are. Where you ARE.
Gimme…. Your ideas. Gimme…. Your ideas
Gimme…Gimme…GIMME !!

ON THE RUN (Bristol Version)
On the run, everybody knows;
When you’re on the road,
it aint always sun shining, sun inside & shining bright.
On the run.

So you go…to the land
of smoke-screen children,
Where the flame never dies.
Never dies.

So you fly, see the children from the sun;
And it only takes a while
To see not only faith…. But YOU
On the run. You’re on the run… You’re on the run.

There…. the storm wing flies;
There the storm wind FLIES….cries;
Makes you great or makes you fly a load of lies
Into the sun. We run.

Aaah, glory be. Can’t you see…
We’re on the run.

BRIDEWELL (* missing line)
Bridewell…. I’m gonna cut you with our knife;
(*Hey Mr. Policeman, you’d better watch you wife.)
Bridewell…I’m gonna see you in the dream
When I see ya burnin’… ooh, it seems to me…
You’d better hide well;
Coz we can get ya, and we will.
You gotta go go go. I’m gonna see ya blow.
You gotta show what you mean
When your talking to the anus of the queen
Bridewell we’re gonna cut ya with our blade
You’re gonna see how a revolution’s made.
Oh, Bridewell Bridewell. You’d better hide well, hide well.
Gonna watch you burn !!
You better go go go. Gonna watch ya blow !!


ON THE RUN (Bracknell Version)
Where ere you go, they say they’re following ya,
And they say you’ll never dream, so long as they’re around.
On the run, Everybody knows,
That you’re always alone.
But with just a little help from your friends
You can see a way to go on, to go on, to go on.

On the run, I see you fly,
On your way you gotta go by
And hold out your hand and ask “Why?”
Ask “why”… “why” you ask “why”
When you’re told, when you’re told, “You’re on the run”.
“You’re on the run”.
Folks down-town are coming round,
Ooya, when you look around
Then you you gonna learn, then you gonna see,
Just what it means… To you and me.

Oh….On the Run.

WALLY'S WILLY (Jamming with The Dealer)
See lyrics to “The Dealer”

See lyrics to “Schoolgirl Love”

Today I see you walkin’, down the grey town
Looking at your toes.
When someone has done it so many times
He gets to know (gets to know)
Fellowship is all you need… to realize
It’s just the sun coming up going down.
If you were filled with laughter
Then I could be easy
And I’m tellin’ ya, you know it aint easy.
I want ideas… give out your ideas.
Gimme your ideas. Y’Gotta gimme your ideas
Gimme your ideas;  It’s what it means to be free…

Except for "Waiting For My Man" by Lou Reed, ALL LYRICS by ROD GOODWAY