The Psychedelic Troubadours take to the Skies

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The stage is darkly lit except for a spotlight picking up the centre seat of a row stretching the width of the stage as the current incarnation of Ethereal Counterbalance take to the flight deck.

Ranging from left to right the crew numbered: Brendan (he of the crystal mandolin) Quinn, Paul (a much famed psychedelic guitar alchemyst) Simmons, Pete (Buddha bass) Pavli, Ade (Thunderlord) Shaw, the Flight Captain himself, Rustic Rod. Behind Rod like some gleeful percussion elf sat Doc Harry Sumnall. Next in line sits the giant John (blue-note) Perry. To his right is the Guitar Demon, locks tangled in his strings, Nick (Bevis) Saloman.

The last of the line up is Keith Christmas looking dark & gothic in black. Black guitar melting into the dark figure.

Slowly the riff of ‘Summer Pudding’ starts to flutter & form into a rhythmic mantra of intertwining fireflies as each sound lord starts to develop varying tangents of notes.


Over this, tentatively at first, the Flight Captain starts his own mantra of words. Drifting in & out of the slowly layering soundscape of his crew. I start to notice, this is true mantra music!! I’m getting high on soundscapes!! The bells of the guitars underpinned by the intertwining bass lines of Buddha bass & Thunderlord. Like two serpents they twist & coil around each other.


The Goth Christmas adds a ‘classical’ feel to the sound with his guitar perched on his knee in the classic fashion. Quiet flurries dripping from his fingers. The Bevis Saloman adds strange psych guitar squalls as slowly but surely the sound takes flight & soars into the ether. Brendan scurries in & out with crystal mandolin bells on his feet.


The sound falls from its glide into a cacophony of sound & voice as ‘the roar’ sets in!! Rushing headlong to its cosmic climax to then drift away like a pulsing starship into the ether again.

Remember what it was like to do acid? Well the Ethereal Counterbalance is like that!! An aural acid! The slow climb & glide,then the raucous rush to a peak only to dive into the swirling dream of psychedelia. This band paint pictures of immense passion in your mind!

Free-flow psychedelia RULES!!