Brian Gregg (left) and Terry Dene in the rockin' 1950's
Brian Gregg had been a professional bass player for eight or nine years then, having joined his first professional band in 1958 or thereabouts. They were called Les Hobeaux (very chic) and used to play in the famous Two I's coffee bar in London. Gregg was also in a band with Tommy Steele and used to play the bass guitar for Terry Dene, The Vipers, The Blue Flames (with Georgie Fame), The Beat Boys (he was with them from August 1959 to December of that year), Johnny Kidd And The Pirates (mark II - from January to July 1961), Colin Hicks And The Cabin Boys (Hicks was Tommy Steele's younger brother; he toured Italy in July and August 1961 with The Cabin Boys, who subsequently broke up), Billy Fury, The Tornadoes (from March to August 1963 - with Clem Cattini on drums) and various other groups, meaning he'd been in some of the hottest acts around at that time. Brian had just come off a tour with Wee Willie Harris (a minor celebrity in those days, sporting bright pink hair even then) that had taken him to Malta, Cyprus,
Tobruck, Tripoli, Paris and various cities in Germany (they sure got around in those days, didn't they? How many contemporary bands can say they played in Libya?). He'd decided to give up the group life and touring and all that, and to concentrate on managing bands instead.
BRIAN GREGG with MICKY MOST at the 2i's coffee bar back in the mid-to-late 1950's

The Dene Aces circa 2000
( l - r ) Brian Gregg (bass) Clem Cattini, (drums) Terry Dene (vocals/guitar) 'Big' Jim Sullivan (lead guitar)

The two old campaigners just before Mickies untimely demise

Billy Fury, 'Tiny', Brian Gregg

the original Pirates: Clem Cattini, Brian Gregg, Alan Caddy
Brian Gregg and Alan Caddy were responsible for composing the music to the mighty "Shakin' All Over", and they really should go down in rock n roll history for this awesome achievement.

with Lord Sutch (centre) and Neil Christian (right)

The Tornados calling card

Billy Fury, Brian Gregg, Clem Cattini

a moody Johnny Kidd and The Pirates LIVE promo shot

Clem Cattini, Johnny Kidd (laying down), Brian Gregg (standing), Alan Caddy(leaning over), and Johnny Irvin (the Roadie) jokingly reading the 'last rites'.

Tornados-by-The-Sea (Brian seated, middle)

the survivors play-on (L-R) :- Rod Argent, Brian Gregg, Terry Dene, Clem Cattini, Big Jim Sullivan

Brian with old pal Mickie Most

Brian Gregg, Jeff Beck

Brian Gregg, John Leyton

Brian Gregg, John Paul Jones

Brian Gregg and Johnny Kidd on TV