Rags-to-riches scene for Calne's top five

This week the Calne beat group The Pack must be asking themselves: "Do you believe in magic?"
The question happens to be the title of their disc, out any week now.
And the magic of discovery by a successful London agent is rapidly changing them from just another provincial beat group into the hottest potential on the disc scene.
Fairy Godmothers in this rag-to-riches story are two men - Brian Gregg and Micky Most.
Brian is the ex-Tornado who settled in Wiltshire, spotted the Pack, and saw them as future hit paraders.

The Pack, with Sabre, their mascot. Left to right, Brian Gregg, Rod Goodway, Roger Hartley, Bob Duke and Andy Rickell

Micky Most is the London agent who handles the Animals and Herman's Hermits - and is now  joint manager of The Pack.
These two pop experts are placing the whole of their resources behind the group.
On Friday the boys traveled to London to be fitted with a complete stage wardrobe.
On Saturday they sailed out into the North Sea on Most's launch, together with pressmen, to deliver a copy of Do You Believe In Magic? personally to Radio Caroline disc jockeys.
Pop Shows
The group will also appear on six major television pop shows, and their disc will be promoted through radio and the music press.
This type of promotion is guaranteed to give the group's record a much-better-than-average chance of making it into the exalted reaches of the hit parade.
While other local groups can only stand and envy the group, Brian Gregg tells why he chose the Pack for stardom.
"Not only are the boys excellent musicians in their own right, but they have that valuable ability to project to an audience. They work very hard, they are enthusiastic, and I am convinced that Do You Believe In Magic? is going to be a very big hit indeed."